The Royal Thai Consulate-General in Ho Chi Minh City is situated at No. 77 Tran Quoc Thao Street, District 3. To its east is the Residence House of diplomatic staffs of the Consulate-General of the Republic of France in Ho Chi Minh City, its south faces Tu Xuong Street, its north faces Tran Quoc Thao Street, and its south is situated beside a private residence. The total compound area is 3,140 sq.m . Mr. Prasit Narintarangura, the then Charge d’Affaires, bought the land from Mr. Antonio Maria Da Cruz, the then Deputy Consul of Portugal on 16 December 1952. The compound was used as the office of the Royal Thai Embassy in Saigon from 1952-1975. Then, in 1975, with the country transforming into the socialist republic system, the Embassy became property of the Communist Government. It was only in 1989 that the Vietnamese Government officially returned the compound to the Royal Thai Government. From 1989 until present-day, the compound is used as office of the Royal Thai Consulate-General as well as residence of the Consul-General of Thailand. In fact, the compound includes 2 buildings –a two-storey office building with an area of 1,500 sq.m. and a three-storey residence building with an area of 750 sq.m . More than 50 years old, it can be said that the two buildings were constructed in art-deco style and still retain much of the architecture of the past.